Use your Digital Assets to generate consistent rewards

Start staking your cryptocurrency stablecoins or mint Profit Engine NFTs today and establish a completely passive and consistent income source.

Stake USDT tokens or mint NFTs through the Profit Engine Dashboard

Staking your cryptocurrency on Profit Engine is a simple process. Visit the Profit Engine Dashboard and stake USDT tokens through our decentralised dApp.

Profit Engine Algorithms generate frequent passive rewards

Profit Engine provides a secure and efficient platform for staking your cryptocurrency, allowing users to gain access to frequent, algorithmic profits.

Claim profits and staked funds through the
Profit Engine Dashboard

Profit Engine have developed an easy-to-use Staking Platform and Dashboard, allowing users to continuously track performance and ensure efficient access to profits.

Trading Performance

Unlock the Potential of Your
Crypto Assets

NFT Returns to Date:
32%+ in 7 months

Since inception of Profit Engine in June 2023, the NFT algorithms have generated an uncompounded 32%+ return. The average weekly return has been 1.1%, which implies a 76.6% annualised compounded return.

Staking Returns to Date:
22%+ in 3 months

Since inception of staking in September 2023, the programme have generated an uncompounded 22%+ return. The average monthly return has been 7.4%, which implies a 135% annualised compounded return.

Potential Projections:
From an initial £10k stake

A $10k initial stake would rise to $172k after 5 years, assuming a compounding weekly return of 1.1%. A $10k initial stake would rise to $724k after 5 years, assuming a compounding monthly return of 7.4%.

Consecutive payouts:
29 profitable weeks

Following the conversion to Profit Engine in June 2023, the algorithms have returned a positive return in every one of the 29 trading weeks.

*Past performance is provided for guidance only and does not in any way predict future returns.

Start Earning Passive Income

Stake USDT tokens for passive returns or sign up for our referral programme to begin earning a
share of the growth.

Passive Income Opportunities

Track your Staking Rewards and Referral Bonuses in real-time

At Profit Engine, we prioritize transparency and user-experience for stakers and referrers. Our platform allows those with various levels of capital availability / marketing abilities to share the growth of Profit Engine, whilst continuously monitoring their profits in real-time

Staking / NFTs

Generate passive returns on your capital by staking USDT through the Profit Engine Dashboard or by simply holding Profit Engine NFTs.

Referral Programme

Sign-up for the referral programme for free and earn a share of profits from those that you refer onto the staking protocol.

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